About Us

新疆11选5走势图表一手机版: Our History:

体彩新疆11选5乐选四 We are a family owned company. Since established in 1995, we have been spending most of our resources in developing tilapia business including tilapia processing, farming, hatcheries and feeding.

We are now operating one large tilapia processing plant, 5 tilapia baby fish and feed distribution centers and managing more than 2,000 hectares of tilapia farms.

In 2007, we became the top tilapia product exporter in China. Our markets cover USA, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Russia, Middle East, Eastern African countries.

At present, we are exclusively doing tilapia business. Our plant can produce 70 metric tons of tilapia fillet, 30 metric tons of gutted and scaled fish and 20 metric tons of whole tilapia fish daily.

Our Philosophy:

Just do what we can do best.

Our products:

1. Frozen Tilapia fillets:

    Regular skinned; partially deep skinned; deep skinned; skin-on scale-off fillets.

    Bulk Packed; Individually Vacuum Packed; Retail Bag Packed; Tray Packed

2. Frozen Gutted, Scaled and/or Gilled Tilapia Fish.

    Bulk Packed; Individually Wrap Packed; Tray Packed

3. Frozen Whole Round Tilapia Fish.

    Bulk Packed; Individually Wrap Packed